Sight Unseen (Almost)

“Dave & Ann”

Dave and Ann needed to move to the area for Ann’s new job. They were up against some time constraints, as Ann and the kids were traveling to Europe for the summer, and Dave needed to be in Wyoming to take care of an ailing parent. Hopefully they could find a house quickly.

Dave would be coming to town in a couple weeks from when we first spoke, so we got right to work. I assessed their needs and got them some listings to review. They chose a batch, and when Dave arrived, we toured the homes. Nothing was quite right. Dave returned to Wyoming, but he would be back in a couple weeks.

A great house popped up before Dave could return, so I arranged a tour and made sure Dave was available. I used Skype® to show Dave the home. He liked it a lot. I shot some video, and took lots of pictures. I posted the videos on my YouTube® page, and sent Dave and Ann the links. They loved the home. We prepared an offer and it was accepted. Dave could not make it back, so I met the contractor as he performed the inspection, and we reviewed the findings with Dave via Skype® as well. Dave returned to see the house a few days later and headed to Europe to join his family.

Ann’s first time seeing the house was a couple hours before the closing. She had gotten a good feel for the place from the pictures and video, and she had faith in Dave’s judgment. She was happy.

A couple weeks after moving in, the air conditioning stopped working, just as their first house guests were to arrive. I had negotiated a great home warranty paid for by the sellers, and it covered the cost of the $3,000 air conditioning.