A New Start

“Tom & Helen”

Tom & Helen had previously been through a bankruptcy after the company Tom worked for outsourced the work of his department and downsized him out of a job. They had been living in a rented house for the last couple years and needed more space. Their daughter had gone through a divorce and needed a place to stay with her children until she could back on her feet.

While Tom and Helen had recovered enough financially to be able to afford to purchase another home, there were some lingering issues with their credit that needed to be corrected. I had arranged a very experienced local lender to assist with this transaction, and she partnered with a credit repair company to get over the final hurdles. After a couple months of waiting, we were all set to move forward.

I found Tom and Helen a great house out in the country that had enough space for the whole family. It had a large finished walkout basement that would allow their daughter and the kids to have their own space. It is very rewarding to help solve a family’s problems and to see them on the way to getting back to their lives.