Retire to the Lake

“John & Mary”

John and Mary had lived in the same house since their oldest child was a week old. Forty-three years ago. Wow! That’s a long time. When I met them, they were ready for a change.

A few years ago they purchased a cottage on a beautiful lake with the thought of someday retiring and moving there. The cottage was old and small, but it was a great cottage. Many summer days were spent at the lake with family and friends swimming, boating, fishing or sitting around the fire. They had big plans for the place. Literally. Big, blue plans. They were going to tear down the cottage and build a new house, one they could live in and enjoy in their retirement. They had one problem. They needed to sell their current house in order to be able to finance the new house. That’s where I came in.

When John and Mary were ready to get started, John contacted me. He told me that they were all set to start construction on their new home, and they had to get a contract on their current home by a certain date (and he said the date out loud), in order to lock in the rate for their new loan. Three months. That’s the time we had.

I advised them on pricing their current home and reviewed plans for needed repairs, and when we were ready, I listed the home. We had some good traffic, but no nibbles. A price adjustment here and there, and we had a deal. Of course, when did we get that deal done? One day before the deadline. Phew!

I reminded John that he had set the schedule when he told me they needed a contract by a certain date. Isn’t life interesting? John and Mary were thrilled. The couple who were buying the house were thrilled. I was thrilled.

It was so exciting to see their dreams come true. I even volunteered to help tear down the cottage.

I was there when their new modular home was lifted and set onto the foundation.