Timing is Everything

One of my specialties is corporate relocations, and I love the pressure that comes with a truncated search. My buyers for this house were moving to Michigan for a new work assignment, had very limited time to find a home, and we had been searching a wide geographic area due to the lack of quality homes for sale.

This home kind of fell into our laps during our search. While we were wrapping up a long, disappointing day of showings, I pulled out my phone and started to look at what else was available in the area. I noticed this nearby home that was brand new to the market, showed the pictures to my buyers, and arranged a quick showing. Within the hour, we knew we had found the right house.

I always say that you find the right house for you when you need it, and this helps support that belief. I’m pretty sure my buyers are now believers as well. We even closed a week earlier than planned, which made a perfect ending to a wonderful story.

Picture of lovely home with SOLD graphic and selling REALTOR information.
Just Sold